How It Works

EnableLA is available through our mobility partner, ButterFLi. Request a wheelchair-accessible SUV with a helpful driver on-demand, or schedule a ride in advance.

Book a ride with EnableLA in three ways:

Use the ButterFLi app on iOS or Android
Call (855) 267-2354 and request EnableLA

Be sure to have the address ready for your pick-up point and drop-off location. You’ll learn the estimated arrival time of your vehicle and cost of your ride when you book. We accept all major credit cards.

EnableLA is available throughout L.A. County from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Here’s How It Works

Book Your Ride

On the app

Step #1:

Open the ButterFLi app on your iOS or Android device and tap “Order a ride.” Tap the EnableLA icon on the home screen.

Step #2:

Enter the address of your pick-up point and drop-off location. Then enter your desired travel date and time.

Step #3:

On the app: Get your estimated departure time, fare, and arrival time. Then enter your credit card information.

Step #4:

Confirm your trip!

On the website

Step #1:

Visit and select “Book a Ride”

Step #2:

Select “wheelchair” service and enter the requested information, including traveler information and pick-up/destination location.

Step #3:

Receive a phone call from ButterFLi and request EnableLA by name! You will also be given a pick-up time and asked to provide payment information.

Step #4:

Your trip is on the way!

You can also book a ride by calling (855) 267-2354 and requesting EnableLA.


Step #1:

Watch for your EnableLA vehicle to arrive (you can see its current location on the app)

Step #2:

Once your SUV arrives, board the vehicle with help from our trained driver

Step #3:

Relax and enjoy the ride!


Once you arrive at your destination, your driver will help you exit your vehicle.

That’s it! EnableLA is easy and convenient.