Frequently Asked Questions

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What is EnableLA?

EnableLA is an assisted transportation service with trained drivers that provides wheelchair-accessible SUVs for those with disabilities, seniors, and anyone needing extra assistance in Los Angeles County. It is part of Hyundai Motor Group’s commitment to expanding mobility access for all people.

Who is EnableLA intended for?

EnableLA is designed for people who use wheelchairs and anyone who needs extra assistance moving around L.A. County. This includes seniors, the vision impaired, or anyone with disabilities or special needs. Riders must be at least 18 years old, unless accompanied by an adult.

How do I request an EnableLA ride?

EnableLA rides can be booked through our transportation partner ButterFLi, using the ButterFLi app, website, or by calling ButterFLi at 1-855-267-2354. Click here for more information.

Is EnableLA COVID-safe?

Yes. EnableLA drivers are fully masked and we follow comprehensive cleaning protocols to protect our passengers from COVID and other illnesses. This includes regularly sanitizing vehicles, using anti-microbial light to kill bacteria, and installing plastic dividers between drivers and passengers.

Can I book an EnableLA ride in Spanish? Are Spanish-speaking drivers available?

Yes. You can book an EnableLA ride in Spanish and request a Spanish-speaking driver by calling ButterFLi at 1-855-267-2354.

What is ButterFLi, and how does it relate to EnableLA?

ButterFLi is a well-regarded transportation service based in Los Angeles that provides non-emergency medical transportation to riders in need of assistance. EnableLA vehicles are booked through the ButterFLi app, website, or toll-free phone number.

Where is EnableLA available?

EnableLA is available anywhere in Los Angeles County. Click here for a map of the County.

When is EnableLA available?

EnableLA is available Monday to Friday, 7a-7p.

How much does EnableLA cost?

EnableLA offers competitive rates that are consistent with other assisted transportation services in L.A. County. Users will see the projected cost of their trip when they order a ride. All major credit cards are accepted.

How do I pay for EnableLA?

Customers can use all major credit cards (American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa) to pay for EnableLA through ButterFLi, our transportation partner. The estimated cost of a trip will be calculated when origin and destination information is provided upon ordering a vehicle.

What vehicles does EnableLA use?

EnableLA uses new, 2021 model Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride SUVs.

How many passengers can fit in an EnableLA vehicle?

EnableLA vehicles can accommodate one wheelchair and two additional passengers, for a total of three passengers.

Is there room for luggage or other belongings in EnableLA?

Yes, there is room for personal belongings in EnableLA vehicles.

What kinds of wheelchairs or other equipment can EnableLA accommodate?

EnableLA can accommodate one wheelchair up to 32 inches wide.

What assistance do EnableLA drivers provide?

In addition to safely and courteously operating EnableLA vehicles, all rides are door to door assisted. Our drivers help all passengers get to the vehicle, board and exit the vehicle, and get to the entrance of their final destination. This includes ensuring that wheelchairs enter and exit the vehicle safely and are securely stowed during travel.

What kind of training do EnableLA drivers receive?

In addition to holding a commercial drivers license, EnableLA drivers receive training in mobility-impaired customer assistance, safe wheelchair handling, first aid and CPR, and other areas.

Are service animals allowed in EnableLA vehicles?

Yes. Passengers may travel with ADA-approved service animals.

Are emotional support animals allowed in EnableLA vehicles?

Yes, emotional support animals are welcome to join their owners in EnableLA vehicles.

Can EnableLA vehicles pick up or drop off at LAX terminals?

No, unfortunately EnableLA is not permitted to pick-up or drop-off at LAX terminals.

What if I leave a personal item in an EnableLA vehicle?

If you leave a personal item in an EnableLA vehicle, please call ButterFLi at 1-855-267-2354.

For more information, please contact ButterFLi at 1-855-267-2354 or email info@gobutterfli.com